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How to start your adventure with Teamfight Tactics

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How to start your adventure with Teamfight Tactics

What is Teamfight tactics?

Teamfight tactics, TFT in short, is a completely new mod added to League of Legends client with patch 9.13. It is completely not related with the others presented by Riot Games, mod has its origins in Dota 2 mod Auto Chess.

TFT is developed to be the independent from the main part of LoL, games at Summoners Rift – standard map in League of Legends. New players will have a choice after creating an account, to join TFT or Summoners Rift, choice of one doesn’t block the access to the other.


In Teamfight Tactics in real time, 8 players take part. Each of them must pick the strongest possible combination of heroes that will let them win against other players. Players start with health of 100, the winner is the last player with health above 0.

 Fight is automatic, player’s task is to buy, upgrade and position picked heroes. Heroes when bought from the store cost from 1 to 5 gold depending on their rarity. 


In TFT we find 51 available heroes from League of Legends. The amount will be changed by adding new heroes or by withdrawing them from the roster to let others in, it’s called rotation. Each of heroes has its own unique special ability which is activated when mana bar is fully filled. The bar is being filled by hero’s auto attacks or when it receives damage. Special abilities deal magical damage and basic attacks deal physical damage, it is important to remember that when it comes to allocation of the items. Important mechanism is an upgrade mechanism. Whenever we have three same heroes on the same level they will automatically upgrade to next level. So saying simply, 3x level 1 Blitzcrank will merge into 1x level 2 Blitzcrank and 3x level 2 Blitzcrank will merge into 1x level 3 Blitzcrank. Level 3 of a hero is his max level.

Economy in Teamfight Tactics

This is the most important part of the game that depends entirely on our managing skills. Money is earned after every round, when we sell the units and whenever we have a win or lose streak and lastly intrest. 

Teamfight Tactics lets you sell heroes for the same price they were bought for. Putting it simply, if we buy hero for 2 gold we can sell it for 2 gold. If this is the level 2 hero we can sell it for 6 gold (3x2gold).


Basic income is the part of earning gold we can’t affect. After first round we get 2 gold, then 3, then 4, then 5 and its not rising until the end of the game.


Win or lose streak is the hardest form of collecting the money. After 2 wins or loses in row we get extra 1 gold, after 5 extra 2 gold and after 8 extra 3 gold. Of course if it will be interrupted, we lose it entirely.

Intrest is important mechanic. Every time we have multiplication of 10 gold (up to 50 gold) we receive intrest of 1 gold for every 10 gold saved. Therefore max intrest we will receive in a single round is 5 gold. It is important especially in late stages of the match when we need to reroll when looking for upgrades.

If you find it not clear enough or you would like to know more, please let us know in comments, we will be more than happy to help.

Teamfight Tactics Items

In TFT we will find only 8 items, but it doesn’t mean that our choice is that limited. Each of the items can be combined with any other item of the same one to create a new item. Thanks to that we get 64 items that we can give our heroes. Items are unique and provide a huge increase in power of our heroes, which can change entirely the outcome of the fight and help you win.

We hope that this article will help you jump start your adventure with TFT and that it provided all needed information needed to place your heroes on the LoL board. If you need more, don’t hesitate to contact us. ☺

Thanks for reading!


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