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What you must know about TFT Ranked Games

TFT Elo Boost Screen first place placement matches

Tiers and divisions 

In TFT ranked games, there are 9 tiers, of which from Iron to Diamond each has 4 divisions, the remaining 3 i.e. Master, Grandmaster and Challenger already depend on their LP points.


TFT ranking queue and placements

As we know from our previous article, 8 players participate in the TFT game. During the ranking queue, those players who take places 1-4 will gain LP points, while 5-8 will lose. For taking first place the points gained are much higher than for the previous ones because after all we beat 7 other players during a tactical skirmish.

With the start of the new TFT season or the game itself we will have 5 TFT placements to play, they are used to match us to the league according to our mmr (matchmaking ratio) which is hidden, we can’t check it. Starting the TFT adventure, however, we always start with the Iron 1 division because we are just starting to build our mmr.

During our first games, for taking the first place, we even won 100-101lp, which allowed us to jump a whole division higher, for example, screenshots from our TFT elo boosters games. This situation with the jump a whole division is repeated also after the placements ends.


In TFT, we also don’t see promotional series that are the bane of League of Legends players. According to our TFT elo boosters, such a TFT ranked system offered by Teamfight Tactics is in our opinion much better and more enjoyable than the one from League of Legends.

No series for promotion also means weaker division protection, and therefore easier to degrade. But don’t be afraid, we will continue to lose our rank only if we lose points with 0Lp already.


According to Riot Games plans during the calendar year, we will play 3 or 4 seasons of TFT ranked games. Each season will be different from the previous ones, changes of heroes and items are planned, which will rapidly affect the course of the competition and give us the opportunity to new experiments with various crazy compositions.

Riot’s decisions, however, may still change, at the moment we know for sure that when we enter the new season, we will be downgraded by several divisions, because the state and style of the game will be heavily changed.

Ranking rewards

Riot has already announced that it will definitely provide rewards for us for our divisions in a given season of TFT ranked games, unfortunately we don’t know yet what they will look like, will they be skins for our favorite little legends? It isn’t known, but you can be sure that as soon as they are announced, we will inform you and our TFT elo boosters will be ready to win for you the best rewards 😉



Teamfight Tactics offers us the opportunity to play TFT ranked games with friends, but possible number people during the queue will depend on your best available division one of your friends. Below, table presents how exactly it looks:

Thanks for reading!


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