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tft coaching


Meet our Coachers!


Set up lesson sessions at any time you want 🙂

The Tactic One

Challenger Tier

Total Hours Done: 124

Avg. Rating:
Languages: gb 

Hello I am The Tactic One!

I’m a professional Teamfight Tactics player and coach. I’ve been coaching Teamfight Tactics full-time for half year year.

I play League casually since season 2 (peaked at challenger, but only for a while so I’d call myself a Master player) and when TFT got announced I started playing immediately. Fell in love with the game and it’s the game that I choose to play in my free time.


We will either do live gameplay through Skype/Discord and I’m gonna guide you through the game or a VOD review.


I’m also a friendly person, so whether you’re a beginner, regular or an aspiring pro, I’ll treat you with respect. I will try to maintain a friendly and fun atmosphere and answer any question you might have during and after our lesson. Thanks for reading through, now just find a fitting time and let’s get going!

PS. Highly recommend booking two hours at a time so we can really dive deep and help you on your way to reaching your goals!

Hello I am Teemo's Slave!

I have been coaching since set 2 and have over 400 hours of coaching, I am very kind and polite, i explain everything to the smallest details so if you chose me you

will learn things that you won’t find in YouTube videos and you can’t read them
anywhere. People got successful in TFT and learnt how to reach gold/plat and
diamond. I will be really glad if i have you as my student :).

Check what people ask me the most 🙂

I can provide coaching on every region!

You just need to be able to talk in English 🙂

I have been in top 50 challenger players on 3 servers and own 4 accounts above master

I have been playing since set 1 and coaching since set 2

I really care about quality coaching and conveying knowledge properly. In 1h it may be hard to realize it, so I recommend at least 2h with me 🙂

Our session will be like this:

First Step (30-120 Minutes)

You are going to play one or two games so I can analyze your strengths and faults, what are you doing right, what are you doing wrong, your biggest problems and what you can Improve on !

I am going to spectate through discord and i will analyze your game, i will give you tips and tricks and help you with every question and problem you have

Second Step (15-45 Minutes)

We are going to go into full details where I will explain you everything from the beginning to the end (All basics) about the comp that you want to improve on. I’m gonna show you some things about the early/mid and late game and I will tell you what can happen when you play a specific comp. If you have any question, you can just ask me without any hesitation.

Third Step (5-20 Minutes)

We are going to look and talk about the comps/items sheets because we need to be sure you have the best of them.

I’m going to teach you how to create them correctly by your position and situation in different games

If you want to have a session with me choose Teemo’s Slave while you will purchase coaching 🙂

Teemo's Slave

Challenger Tier

Total Hours Done: 421

Avg. Rating:

Languages: gb                             

Jonathan Leandoer

Tft Coach

Challenger Tier

Total Hours Done: 194

Avg. Rating:

Languages: gb

Hello I am Jonathan Leandoer!

I’ve playing TFT since set 1 where i always stayed in high elo. I coached a lot of people privatly from silver to master tier, since set 3 where i succesfully lead most of people to a desired ranks.

I was able to hit challenger on eune (top 20) aswell on euw where i peaked a challenger tier for a while. On my coaching hours i can teach you mostly everything you wish: econ strats, board positioning or general flexibility in your games. I’m also fluent english and polish speaker so don’t worry about the language barriers 🙂. On my lessons I’m always friendly, kind, laid-back person which treats his students with a respect and patiently answers every question you have. 

On the session we’re gonna jump right into a game (or a few ones) where i’m gonna guide you through your game or instead of live gameplay i can review a VOD of yours.

Would you like to improve your skill with me? Choose me while you will buy coaching session.

Hello I am Quarset!

I am professional chess player and coach. I started playing TFT at set 1 then i quit for a while. After that i rushed high elo at set 4. I used to do coaching at League of Legends for 5 years. I speak both English and Turkish fluently.

In our sessions first, i would like to watch your gameplay through Discord to understand your weakness and strenghts. Secondly will be focusing on basics, especially economy management. 

When we done with basics and your questions, we will deep dive activating the synergies, itemization and positioning. 

Whether you are beginner, intermediate or trying to push high elo it doesn’t matter I will make your gameplay improve anyway.

PS: I recommend at least 2 hours session for the more efficient way. Of course we will be having fun!


tft coach

Challenger Tier

Total Hours Done: 211

Avg. Rating:

Languages: gb                                 

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If you will need any help, please ask our Admin – on discord or any of support who are available on our site.​

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